A cute gift idea for future mums, bolas are necklaces specially designed for pregnant women!

Inspired by an Indonesia tradition, bolas are chime pendants which create a soft chime when they move on the belly of pregnant women which babies start to hear and respond to inside the womb starting from the 20th week of pregnancy.

Indonesian women wear their bola necklace during their pregnancy to stimulate their babies and start to create a link with them.

After babies are born, new mums continue to wear their bolas as a maternity necklace and use it to play or sooth their babies especially during breast feeding or to make them sleep.

Comes with a gift pouch and a story card explaining the story and benefits of the Bola necklace.

Dimensions: Bola - 22mm/0.9inch (diameter) - Necklace - 100cm/39.5inch (length) 

Handmade in France. 

Fast worldwide shipping in protective bubble mailers / envelops.

Cotton Necklace - Purple